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Diligent Service Advantages

Diligent is unique in the way we look at each of our client’s business operations. We view each client’s customer as priority one. We are not just a delivery company to our clients, but a strategic partner that analyzes their current processes and procedures to better ascertain what their business and delivery needs are.

Once those needs are established, we then work with the customer to develop solutions that address and resolve those needs. Through this process, we develop strong partnerships and bonds with each one of our clients. Our managers work hand in hand with them to provide quick response times when challenges present themselves and need to be addressed. Our drivers are eager to work, capable and willing to help where needed.

Diligent is innovative in that we have developed and implemented programs and schedules that have reduced client expenses from 17% to 32%, while increasing business by providing efficient logistics programs. Diligent is a turn-key logistics provider that allows our customers to utilize all necessary tools needed to move freight to almost any destination in the domestically through our same day local delivery service, next day delivery service, airfreight, freight forwarding, LTL / FTL over-the-road trucking shipments.

Diligent is advantageous for our clients because of our customer support level, and continuous improvement of our client’s operations.

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